Approximately 95% of new products fail each year in the marketplace arena. Successfully lunching a new product is indeed a hard job. We do have a product in the 5% zone and I do believe that the merits go to my sizzling team.

To be clear, a perfect team is an unrealistic goal. What is perfect, anyway? What we are going for is a great team in a given period of time. Workplaces are volatile.

I do believe that what’s stopping people from becoming truly great at their job is not fear of failure, but settling for something good enough along the way.

Aim higher.

When I think about teamwork, for sure I think about these 3 bundles of joy:

1. Trust.

You must believe in your colleagues. You must believe that with their help the product will be amazing. The catch is, If a person is incompetent you must signal the management.

2. Letting go of the Ego.

I hate it and you know it, beware of the know-it-all syndrome. Be realistic. A great product is never made without friction. That is what It means to have a polished product.

3. Strong time management skills.

Everybody can do anything if given enough time to do it. Read it again. Respecting *livelines  and managing your own time efficiently will say a lot about your skill set in the long run.

*Livelines are the new deadlines, all positive, forget the negative