#ProfBun Initiative

Today we are focusing on the positive.

We are launching the #ProfBun Inititive in Romania.
In essence, a collection of personal stories about great teachers from the romanian educational system.
We are honoring our peers for fighting on the educational front, underpaid and underapprecieted.

Everyone is invited to pitch in with their story. The official hashtag is #ProfBun and you can find the stories on all major social networks:Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

For extra visibility, go here: http://comunitate.eduteca.ro/posturi-comune/initiativa-prof-bun/

Google Glass – Smartphone slayer

Google Glass, the magical headpiece that will replace mobile phones, eventually.

This is a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) device; The technology is not new but as some iCompany teaches us(wink wink): It is not who invents it first but who markets it better.

Some say that Google Glass is the future’s best chance for augmented reality glasses. It is true because Google has the power to integrate the device with all it’s products. It is a real step towards a more natural way to interact with technology, a hands-free way. In the words of Isabelle Olsson: „Close to the senses but not blocking them”. Great presentation by the way, Isabelle.

To understand the implications, observe the next 3 pictures and think for yourself:
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TED Review: Ernesto Sirolli – Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

I found myself lucky tonight and got to watch Dr. Ernesto Sirolli speaking at a TED Conference. He started his presentation by familiarizing the audience with the roots of his adventure, being a young man, working for an italian NGO in Zambia-Africa. Clean, a hippos and tomatoes agricultural anecdote, accent, charm and laughter. Great opening…

I encourage you to watch all 17:10 minutes of his presentation. He is worthwhile.

In the video, Dr. Sirolli shares a side topic secret. Entrepreneurs, you need to remember the next four lines:

  1. Fantastic Product
  2. Fantastic Marketing
  3. Financial management (taking care of the money)
  4. There is not a single person in the world that can do all three F’s alone. You need a team.

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is the Founder of the Sirolli Institute, an international nonprofit organization that teaches community leaders how to establish and maintain Enterprise Facilitation projects in their community.


Approximately 95% of new products fail each year in the marketplace arena. Successfully lunching a new product is indeed a hard job. We do have a product in the 5% zone and I do believe that the merits go to my sizzling team.

To be clear, a perfect team is an unrealistic goal. What is perfect, anyway? What we are going for is a great team in a given period of time. Workplaces are volatile.

I do believe that what’s stopping people from becoming truly great at their job is not fear of failure, but settling for something good enough along the way.

Aim higher.

When I think about teamwork, for sure I think about these 3 bundles of joy:

1. Trust.

You must believe in your colleagues. You must believe that with their help the product will be amazing. The catch is, If a person is incompetent you must signal the management.

2. Letting go of the Ego.

I hate it and you know it, beware of the know-it-all syndrome. Be realistic. A great product is never made without friction. That is what It means to have a polished product.

3. Strong time management skills.

Everybody can do anything if given enough time to do it. Read it again. Respecting *livelines  and managing your own time efficiently will say a lot about your skill set in the long run.

*Livelines are the new deadlines, all positive, forget the negative

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