New Year’s Resolutions

After a very fun year closing session at Toastmasters Bucharest, I got in the mood to write this post. It is about something I use on a daily basis.

2014 is fast approaching. It’s just about that time… when New Year’s resolutions start popping like popcorn all over the place.
Statistics regarding New Year’s Resolutions success rates tell a grim and true story. According to Richard Wiseman, only ~12% of these resolutions are accomplished. Boooo. But we can work with this… Chances do favor the bold and the prepared.

So, from an avid listaholic, mind mappalogist, here are my findings, this is how I do it for over 4 years:

  1. Set the goal, make it as grand as you want it to be but keep it in the realm of possibility
  2. Divide et impera, break the goal into small steps to digest every day. This needs to become a habit, so repetition is key
  3. Asses the implications, understand your surroundings.
  4. Learn to really like the goal, some say that you should reward yourself for every small step that you take. I say every small step should be a reward in itself. This should not be a chore. Trick your brain if needed.
  5. Breakouts. From time to time push outside the normal day quota (do a marathon on that topic), really work the brain in the needed direction, you need breakouts, read the Breakout Principle by Benson and Proctor if you do not know what that is.
  6. Get enough sleep, you will need it. Sleep is critical for the formation and stability of long-term memory.
  7. Use tools and track progress. I recommend Xmind and Mindjet Mindmanager are two of the best for mind mapping. For lists I suggest using Google Keep.
  8. Enjoy the process and repeat often

Try to be great, don’t wing it, it pays to be prepared.

What’s your strategy? Tell me your thoughts.