Google Glass – Smartphone slayer

Google Glass, the magical headpiece that will replace mobile phones, eventually.

This is a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) device; The technology is not new but as some iCompany teaches us(wink wink): It is not who invents it first but who markets it better.

Some say that Google Glass is the future’s best chance for augmented reality glasses. It is true because Google has the power to integrate the device with all it’s products. It is a real step towards a more natural way to interact with technology, a hands-free way. In the words of Isabelle Olsson: „Close to the senses but not blocking them”. Great presentation by the way, Isabelle.

To understand the implications, observe the next 3 pictures and think for yourself:

google glass

Clearly, the concept is simple: designer glasses with a tiny screen in front of an eye. The battery is hidden inside the frame.
According to Sergey Brin, Glass augmented reality glasses are “lighter than sunglasses.” Hooray! The most important demographic in tech will surely be on board because of this.

From a marketing standpoint, really liked the Ukulele moment.

Moving on.

The device is mainly controlled by voice commands but I anticipate early on some apps on phones as virtual keyboards. Nobody likes yelling in the subway! Currently, connection is via Wi-Fi or tethered via Bluetooth. Glass also has an integrated GPS chip. No direct GPRS yet because of radiation fears. Camera is ready for 720p HD video.

Now, for added flavor:

If you speak cool, the device comes in 5 colors: charcoal, shale, tangerine, sky and cotton. If not (poor bastard), the colors are: gray, dark-gray, orange, light blue and white.

Release date:
Google started to show his baby bump early in August 2012. The plan is to deliver little Glass to the world by the second quarter of 2014. By then I know that big brother Google Plus will be ready to greet him in style.

Price for developers: 1500$

Glass control, this list of commands is enough to steal the market from smartphones: record a video, take a picture, hangout, search, translate, get directions. I will add a few from my wishlist: zoom in, stream to 911, id friend(for the ones having problems with names) and Google Goggles integration.

I can only dream on how this will revolutionize our eLearning industry. Can’t wait to get one.