A Silent Killer…Email Etiquette.

Isn’t it amazing how some people can’t answer simple business emails?

Clearly, I am not talking about people you cold contact or spam. I am talking about contacts you’ve actually met, had a few chats with, you know…communicated with…and then…abysmally they just dropped off the radar. They are still peeping at your emails from time to time but do not take any action on them. What is going on?

email - aware

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#ProfBun Initiative

Today we are focusing on the positive.

We are launching the #ProfBun Inititive in Romania.
In essence, a collection of personal stories about great teachers from the romanian educational system.
We are honoring our peers for fighting on the educational front, underpaid and underapprecieted.

Everyone is invited to pitch in with their story. The official hashtag is #ProfBun and you can find the stories on all major social networks:Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

For extra visibility, go here:

Google Glass – Smartphone slayer

Google Glass, the magical headpiece that will replace mobile phones, eventually.

This is a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) device; The technology is not new but as some iCompany teaches us(wink wink): It is not who invents it first but who markets it better.

Some say that Google Glass is the future’s best chance for augmented reality glasses. It is true because Google has the power to integrate the device with all it’s products. It is a real step towards a more natural way to interact with technology, a hands-free way. In the words of Isabelle Olsson: „Close to the senses but not blocking them”. Great presentation by the way, Isabelle.

To understand the implications, observe the next 3 pictures and think for yourself:
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