How to Unlock Your Brain’s Potential with the Chaining Memory Technique!

Do you ever find yourself having problems remembering things? Does that happen while you’re at school, at your workplace, or during social gatherings? Of course it does! Did you know that most of us have to deal with this issue? Although some choose to ignore it, this condition affects the self-esteem of billions of people worldwide, with many going as far as calling themselves dumb. Yes, it can cause you to feel ashamed, but your brain has the ability to fix this!




Want to know the secret? Most of us were born with a perfectly functioning memory! Your brain, which is the hero in this context, can handle the information load as long as you feed it to him correctly. That’s the truth! You are not, by any means, dumb. The only issue is that you were never taught how to memorize effectively.

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A Silent Killer…Email Etiquette.

Isn’t it amazing how some people can’t answer simple business emails?

Clearly, I am not talking about people you cold contact or spam. I am talking about contacts you’ve actually met, had a few chats with, you know…communicated with…and then…abysmally they just dropped off the radar. They are still peeping at your emails from time to time but do not take any action on them. What is going on?

email - aware

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Romania, a digital revolution

In case you’ve missed it, Romania is preparing for the mass digitization of the educational system. Local book publishers and eLearning companies are scrambling to create one of the 24 interactive digital textbooks that will be evaluated in June 2014 by a committee of teachers appointed by the National Ministry of Education.


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New Year’s Resolutions

After a very fun year closing session at Toastmasters Bucharest, I got in the mood to write this post. It is about something I use on a daily basis.

2014 is fast approaching. It’s just about that time… when New Year’s resolutions start popping like popcorn all over the place.
Statistics regarding New Year’s Resolutions success rates tell a grim and true story. According to Richard Wiseman, only ~12% of these resolutions are accomplished. Boooo. But we can work with this… Chances do favor the bold and the prepared.
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Evil Hindsight Bias

I am going to steal your thunder!

It’s 10:00 A.M. Coffee in. Meeting starting. Great! I am preparing to announce that one great find, the idea which will impact our business in numerous and glorious ways, minimum investment-maximum return, the panacea! You know the stuff.  I make my pitch, sweating, happy for all that hard work invested so…successfully. I blurt it out, yelling close to a cow. Waiting…waiting…Applause?!!! Nooo! In perfect sync and silence with my ending I hear someone passively say  “Yes, of course, that is evident”, “I already know it”… Awkward!

And then it happens again and again, different day, different subject, different person. What is going on, damn it???
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